• So...what's this movement about?

    Glad you asked.

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    Why we do what we do

    Vision statement: we see a world where individuals leverage their signature strengths to deliberately design and lead a meaningful life: for themselves, their families, their workplace and their communities.


    The site provides strength assessments, skill builders and AI micro-apps for effective personal improvement. Our members embark on a journey of self-reflection to discover their strengths, develop new skills and encourage others to do the same.

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    What's it about?

    The global causes we care about cover diverse aspects of life, such as healthy living, work-life balance, skills for tomorrow, sustainable development, global citizenship, and more.

    The impact chain

    Making a difference. Everyday. From embracing new ways of living, to adopting responsible behaviors, we believe that small improvements in individual lives result in a larger positive impact at the family, workplace, community and societal level.

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    Where does it lead?

    The 360 Living Journey is an approach to healthy living and leading your best life. From managing health, to improving work-life balance, developing new skills, or promoting democratic values.

    5 phases


    ► Discover your strengths

    ► Develop new skills & habits

    ► Make a difference at home, at work, and beyond.

    ► Encourage others to do the same

    ► Accelerate the movement


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    What do I get?

    Members of the 360 Living Movement get unlimited access to curated, evidence-based research & practices to discover their strengths, develop new skills and apply them to make a difference in their lives (at home, work, in relationships, and far beyond).

    Free resources


    ► Free Strength Finders

    ► Skill Builders (bite-size learning)

    ► Productivity Micro-Apps

    ► The One Change (best practices)

    ► 360 Living Collaborative Platform



  • What's the story, & who's behind the 360 Living movement?


    Let us introduce ourselves


    The 360 Living Movement blossomed from an interactive book we co-authored called 360 Living, which itself grew from the early work from the Authentic Happiness Project. Both of these projects are dedicated to helping people assess and improve their lives, including a happiness survey and a library of resources for each life area.


    Our paths happened to cross at the right moment to bring the 360 Living project to life. Yvon, founder of the Authentic Happiness Project, wanted to share his findings: hundreds of thousands of data points about how the areas of life interact and impact each other to form our overall happiness and well-being. At the same time, Jacquelyn was in search of a meaningful freelance writing opportunities at the intersection of her interests in wellbeing and personal development. It was then just a matter of time before 360 Living was born.


    A few years later, wanting to keep updating and expanding the resources to support people in living fulfilling lives, and dive even deeper into the mission, we created the 360 Living Movement.


    The mission of each of these projects: helping people to live a balanced life by considering happiness from all angles to gain self-knowledge, and putting that knowledge into action for a positive impact. We hope it will help you do just that.

    Yvon Dalat, Author & Founder of 360 Living

    Yvon Dalat

    Global learning professional, founder of the Authentic Happiness Project and co-author of 360 Living

    Yvon launched the Authentic Happiness Project as a side project to complement his professional career in learning & performance improvement.


    He leads analytics for 360 Living, discovering and interpreting insights on the way we lead our lives (and how to do it better). Yvon is passionate about stoking the entrepreneurial fire with relevant content and research to help people rebalance their lives.


    Yvon grew up in France, worked for 18 years in Germany, and now resides in Michigan with his wife and 3 sons. He is heavily involved in and served as president of ISPI Michigan, a non-profit association dedicated to professionals in the performance improvement industry.


    Connect with Yvon on LinkedIn

    Jacquelyn Salvador, Author & Founder of 360 Living

    Jacquelyn Salvador

    Writer, chief minimalist, co-author of 360 Living

    Born and raised in Michigan and fascinated from a young age with the pursuit of living better, Jacquelyn spent much of her early life chasing perfection and trying to figure out a standard set of rules of success.


    Eventually, after following that default path led to overwhelm, frustration, and anything but happiness, in 2016 she set out in search of something more personal and authentic, and started discovering it over the course of a backpacking trip that challenged all previous and preconceived ideas of what constitutes a good life.


    Jacquelyn now calls Paris home, and continues contributing to projects around wellbeing, community, and personal development both on and offline.

    You can follow her adventures in the art of living the good life on Instagram @jj_moves, LinkedIn or Medium.

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