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    Your signature strengths are powerful keys to success

    How will you use yours?

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    Your next work & life skills are just waiting to be built

    How might you build from where you are today, for a brighter tomorrow?

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    Sometimes one change is all it takes!

    Ready to discover yours? Ask our Artificial Intelligence advisor how to improve your life in five small steps

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    Your strengths & expertise can make a real impact in the world

    How can you make a difference with your unique contributions?

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  • 360 Living Movement, a free, collaborative platform to make an impact with AI-driven insights.


    The 360 Living Movement is a transformative platform that empowers individuals to create meaningful change in their lives and communities. By leveraging evidence-based research and the latest AI technology, we offer a unique journey towards self-discovery and skill development.


    Our mission is to guide members in find their core strengths and build new skills through an array of resources like Strength Finders, Skill Builders, and AI Micro-Apps.


    Join and contribute to the 360 Living Movement to accelerate a movement of responsible, empowered global citizens that make a difference.

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    Our Strength Finder assessments are free. They are based on published research articles. Multiple studies have demonstrated their reliability, validity and practical conclusions you can draw from their results.


    They are the first step to embark on a journey of self-reflection to discover your strengths, develop new skills and encourage others to do the same.

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    The One Change is the improvement that will have a significant impact on our life.


    Ask the 360 Living Advisor, our AI-Powered Chatbot. Find out what works from the best practices that changed the lives of our members.

    ► Apply your strengths

    ► Contribute

    ► Encourage others



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    Our free Skill Builders are bite-size learning covering a variety of topics from managing your health, developing new work skills, improving how we communicate to leading a more meaningful life.


    Our members curate content to ensure that it is founded on validated research, proven methods and evidence-based best practices from renowned authors.


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    From embracing new ways of living to adopting eco-responsible behaviors, we believe that measurable improvements in individual lives result in a larger impact at the family, workplace, community and societal level.


    Your contribution makes a difference:

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    ► Share your One Change
    ► Submit a Skill Builder
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  • Does it work?

    Well...our community says it best

    Members of the 360 Living Movement leverage their signature strengths and build skills to deliberately design and lead a meaningful life: for themselves, their families, their workplace and their communities.


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